PlaySafe Playground Surfacing

We here at Maple Rapids Lumber Mill, Inc. understand the need for playground safety. We would like to introduce you to our SafePlay playground surfacing. SafePlay is made with the finest wood available to ensure a soft, cushioned surface. This keeps children safe in the event of a fall and prevents other injuries as well. SafePlay has been specially produced to prevent splinters as well.

Benefits of Using SafePlay Playground Surfacing...


Playground wood chips are the most effective surface for averting surface injuries. A 9-inch layer of wood chips will allow a child to safely land from a 10-foot fall, according to American Standard Testing Methods (ASTM.) Playground chips are also less sensitive to extreme temperatures, protecting children during the heat of summer and bite of winter.

Cost efficiency:

SafePlay Playground Surfacing doesn’t carry the expensive costs that other alternatives bear. Considering that they’re the safest yet cheapest cushioning option, playground wood chips are an extremely appealing option. To ensure that the chips are fresh and still provide protection, they should be regularly replaced with new chips. Even considering regular replacements, playground wood chips remain the most cost-efficient option.

Visual appeal:

Using playground wood chips instead of gravel, rubber, or asphalt makes the playground look like a playground – not an industrial site. It’s a classic visual sight for both parents and kids and enhances the childhood experience.

For more information about supplying SafePlay Playground Surfacing to your community, business, or personal property, please call our Saint Johns mill at (989)-682-4225.

Called and scheduled a tour with Ryan. Was very impressed with the overall operation and the level of professionalism. We are proud to declare that Maple Rapids Lumber is our newest supplier for green hardwood lumber
Frank R.